SoloSync 1.2

Perform HoySync automatically when you dock your Palm


  • Syncs as soon as you connect your device
  • Auto-locking feature


  • No interface to speak of


It's great to be able to sync your Palm device with your PC for sharing data and applications, but it can sometimes be ever so annoying having to boot up HotSync every time.

SoloSync is a simple tool designed to help you avoid this issue, saving you time by auto-syncing every time you connect your Palm.

The program has a very small footprint and there's actually not much to it in terms of a graphical user interface.

You simply need to dock your PDA using its cradle or a cable and it will be automatically synchronised with your PC virtually immediately. Another nice feature of the program is the ability to lock the device once it has been synced.

Tired of manually launching HotSync every time you plug your cable in? Let your Palm sync itself! SoloSync automatically performs a HotSync operation every time you put it in a cradle or connect a cable, no hands required!

It also can lock your device after a sync. Very useful if you like to put your Palm in a cradle and forget about it. It will sync, and then lock itself.

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SoloSync 1.2

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